Pipe Blowing Classes Near Me

Are you searching for glass blowing classes near me for some time now. You probably want to perfect your glass blowing technique. It does not matter whether you have a lot of experience or is rather new to it. You just want to figure out how to get the right skills to mold and shape molten glass.

If you have ever stopped to watch a glass blowing artist working hard at his craft, then you would probably have an inkling why artists need to have safety glasses. The craft masters have to work with extremely hot molten glass all day until it truly is shaped into what they are supposed to be. A slight bungle can result to a rather bad accident. Therefore, it is quite important to have safety glasses.

When you are working on a glass piece, you must definitely protect your eyes. Just looking at the naked flame of a torch and glass blowing furnace can damage your sight. If you work with the flame for the entire day, then there is a possibility that you could be blinded in the long run. The heat from the furnace could also be detrimental to your sight.

find pipe blowing classes nearby

Find Glass Blowing Classes in your city

1. What is the most ideal way then to safeguard your eyes when you are working on your project

To do this effectively, you should wear shaded spectacles rather than the clear ones. This is because artists tend to look at the flame that comes from the torch.

2. Where can you get glass blowing glasses

They are readily accessible in craft supply and hardware stores. Apart from these places, you can also buy them online. If you are already wearing spectacles due to poor eyesight, you can get the special glasses that can be worn over your existing spectacles.

3. How can we select the right glasses

It depends on how much heat you will come across. There are various colors and tints available for you to choose. You may wish to go for something that might be darker, or you could go for something that does not affect the way you perceive colors when you are doing your glass blowing.

4. Why do we need safety glasses

If the glass that you are working on goes below 1000 degrees Fahrenheit, it may suddenly break into thousands of pieces. Parts of it may also pop when you have blowpipes cooling in the pipe. To avoid all these, you have to keep your safety glasses on at all times.

5. Do the workshops provide safety glasses

Check with the instructors or workshops before you go over. Most should provide them, but if you have special needs, it might be better to get your own. You do not want to take a risk that the glasses they have cannot fit you properly.

Glass Blowing Classes Near Me

Let us take a look at how you can achieve that.

Attending Classes

Attending glass blowing classes is probably a great way to find out more about a particular glass blowing technique. Books and videos are great for giving you ideas, but seeing it in practice helps. If your instructor is someone who is well-trained in this field, you can improve your technique by leaps and bounds. You may get some trade secrets, but more importantly, someone with a keen eye can critique your work and give your suggestions to improve your next art piece.

Use Of Materials

Improving your technique involves not just the way you blow glass. It includes how you make full use of the materials and tools. You need to know what glass to use on different occasions for a different project. You need to know how a particular tool can affect the outcome of your art piece. For example, making holes in your glass requires lots of expert knowledge. Do you know that you could use certain tools to make the holes individually, or get a mold to make the holes in one go? A good technique requires a lot of practicing and using your muscle memory, hand, and eye coordination to pull off the project.

Ask Questions In Forum

Getting advice from your fellow glass blowers will also help to improve your technique. If you are stumped, go to them for advice. There are many forums available for you to go to and ask your question. Your teachers would also be able to help you. Sometimes, you may have been working on a technique for a long time, and fail to realize that there are better ways to get the same thing done in a more efficient way.

Attend Glass Blowing Conventions

Apart from forums, the best way is to attend glass blowing conventions. Seminars, workshops, and demonstrations are held at the conventions. You can find out the latest techniques here. You can also make business connections, sell your artwork. To establish yourself as an expert, participate in forum discussion and panels. Ask questions at talks. Do prepare a business name card or brochures so that you can network at these places. On top of improving your techniques, you get to teach other people, thus rejuvenating your passion in glass blowing.

Art Vs Science

There are so many ways to improve your glass blowing technique. You may plan to make a living selling artwork online or in stores. You may also wish to make test tubes, beakers, and other glass blowing laboratory apparatus for sale. The former requires creativity, and the latter requires precision. Both are important disciplines, and while the techniques may differ, they both require discipline. When you improve your techniques, you can excel in these fields.


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